Máy làm ống hút nhựa pp pe pla  dùng 1 lần


Máy làm ống hút nhựa pp pe pla dùng 1 lần

The 01 series single color plastic extrusion production line are used to produce plastic drinking straws,plastic tube,coffee sticks, cotton swab sticks and other plastic pipe or tubes. 

The whole system consists of three main parts: Main extruder unit, cooling water tank, hauling and cutting machine.

plastic straw extrusion line


  1. Simple system,easy to operate.one operator can run the whole production line;
  2. Stable production capacity;
  3. Different cut end: 90°/90°、90°/45°、90°/60°、45° /45°、60°/60°;
  4. Optional color( single color,two color,three color) and stripes(straight or spiral); 
  5. Brand parts are used, like Delta frequency inverter, Schneider,etc 

Machine details

plastic straw making machine

Extruder unit

Main screw diameter:50mm

Single color (two color,three color, optional)

Delta frequency converter

Wanan motor

Automatically feeding device(optional)

Cooling water tank

Standard length:3.5meter (for main screw diameter 50mm)

Stainless steel material

Can be adjusted up & down,right & left,forward & backward,


cooling water tank
straw cutting machine

Hauling & Cutting machine

Easy to operate,controlled by converter;

Diversified in cut ends,90°/90°,90°/45°,90°/60°,45° /45°,60°/60°;

use with L shape straw collection device

Hauling motor/cutting motor: 0.75kw *2



Model YK-011-50
Color Single
Stripes /
Description 1.Main parts:main extruder unit,cooling water tank,hauling and cutting system
2. Main screw diameter:50mm
Power Supply Main Screw 380V,3Phase,50HZ, 7.5KW(VFD)
Sub-Screw /
Heating 9KW
Hauling motor 0.75KW(VFD)
Cutting Motor 0.75KW(VFD)
Total Power 18KW
Temperature controller 5 SETS
Electric control cabinet 1SET
Automatic counting device 1SET
Way of hauling By rubber roller
Way of cutting rotatory cutting
cooling water tank standard 3.5m,can be adjusted from up to down,right to left,forward to backward
Specification of Pipe Material PP/PE etc.
Diameter 2mm-13mm (can be customized)
Length Customized
Production Speed  600-1000pcs/min
Cutting End 90°/90°,90°/45°,90°/60°,45° /45°,60°/60°;
Machine Dimension 2.2m*1m*1.3m
Whole line dimension 9m*1m*1.7m
Weight of equipment 1000kg



The extrusion production line can be used to produce a lot of pipes, which can be used in food industry, also in other areas.

drinking straw coffee stir stick lollipop stick cotton swab stick
Drinking straw Coffee stir stick Lollipop stick Cotton swab stick



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